Foreclosures High Among Seniors | June 2012

From the beginning of the housing crisis, over 1.5 million senior citizens have faced foreclosure.  One segment of the population at the highest risk are those 75 years of age and older (*source: 1 & 2).  For example, in 2007, 0.3% of the nation’s seniors faced possible foreclosure.  Today, 3.3% of seniors over the age of 75 are at risk.  In addition, since 2007, the number of seniors who are seriously behind on their mortgage payments is up by a staggering 450%.  In addition, it is estimated that 625,000 homeowners over the age of 50 are more than 3 months behind on their mortgage loan payments.

This situation could be influenced by several factors.  First, most senior citizens are no longer working and therefore living on retirement or social security, their nest egg is gone, etc.   In addition, house values have declined, so refinancing may not be an option. When they fall behind on a mortgage loan payment they find it hard to catch up.

In an effort to help seniors keep their homes, MD Representative Elijah Cummings is lobbying the federal government for help. Possible solutions could be a mortgage principal reduction program or loan modification program for qualifying seniors, etc.  Whatever the solution, it is evident to Rep. Cummings that action is needed.

Overall, the market share of Boise ID foreclosures has been decreasing, and statistics show that monthly foreclosure market share percentages for 2012 are much lower than recent years, sometimes as much as 51.5% lower.

1. USA Today | Money Article by Josh Lederman, Foreclosure Crisis Hits Older Americans Hard, published June 20, 2012.
2. REALTOR Mag, Daily Real Estate News, Older Adults At Higher Risk For Foreclosure, June 20, 2012.

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Boise ID Foreclosures | June ’10

In June, there were 349 home sales in Boise. 38.7% were Boise ID foreclosures with 79 bank-owned sales & 56 short sales.  This is up from 26.4% a year ago but lower than December through April that ranged from 40-50%.

The Boise ID foreclosure market has a smaller influence of foreclosures than many other areas of the county.  The following two charts show the percentage of homes currently for sale that are short sales & percentage that are bank-owned in Ada County.

As you can see, the areas closest into Boise generally have a lower percentage of foreclosures.  N & NE Boise have less than half the foreclosures as compared to most other areas of the county.  S & SW Boise have some of the most short sale competition while the Boise Bench has one of the highest percentages of bank-owned properties.

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Boise Idaho Real Estate | September 09 Market Statistics

Home sales in the Boise Idaho real estate market leaped to its highest level in months during September, with 322 home sales.  This amount is enough to even outpace the summer months, as many people are buying now to get in before the tax credit deadline.  The graph below shows total sales for the Boise Idaho real estate market over the last five months:

Boise Idaho Sales By Month

Of the 322 home sales in the Boise Idaho real estate market, SW Boise-Meridian led the way with 17% of the total, with W Boise-Garden City close behind at 16%.  The entire breakdown of sales is shown in the following graph:

Breakdown of homes sold in Boise, Idaho real estate market

Boise Idaho foreclosures made up 32.9% of all the home sales ( bank-owned sales or Boise ID short sales).  This percentage is up from previous months, as the chart below shows:

Boise Idaho Foreclosures

Data source:  Boise MLS (IMLS).  Information not guaranteed.

Boise Idaho Foreclosures | August ’09

Boise Idaho Foreclosures accounted for 29% of home sales in August. There were 32 Boise short sales (12%) and 47 Boise bank-owned sales (17%) as shown in the graph below.

August Boise Idaho Foreclosures

Some areas of Ada County are influenced more heavily by foreclosures than others. As you can see below, the Boise Idaho foreclosure market had the second lowest market share (29%) while Eagle had the highest (53%). This Boise foreclosure market share is about even with the previous three months.

Boise ID August Foreclosures

In the Boise real estate market, 273 homes sold during the month of August, this number is only a bit less than the previous two months when 309 homes sold in July, and 303 homes sold in June. In August, the median home sold price was $171,500 and the average home sold price was $201,234.

Boise Foreclosures

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Boise Foreclosure Market Ranks 32nd

The Boise foreclosure market (Treasure Valley) ranked 32nd among 200 metro areas looked at by  2.2% of the areas housing market had a foreclosure filing.  Interestingly, the number of foreclosure sales in Boise has been actually decreasing.  In June 2009 they only accounted for 26% market share verses 38% in April.

Boise ID Foreclosure Sales

Short sales currently make up about 20% of the homes for sale in Ada County while bank-owned homes only account for about 4%.  If you’re looking for Boise foreclosures you can search the Boise short sales or request a list of Boise bank-owned real estate.

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IHFA Buying Idaho Foreclosures

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association has a new program to buy Idaho Foreclosures, renovate, then resell them at cost.  The total budget is $13.5 million with largest share going to Ada & Canyon County ($10 million).  A study was done to determine where Idaho foreclosures had the most impact by zip code:

1. Nampa 83687

2. Caldwell 83605

3. Nampa 83686

4. Nampa 83651

5. Meridian 83642

6. Caldwell 83607

7. Twin Falls 83301

8. Boise 83709

9. Kuna 83634

10. Post Falls 83854

Source: Idaho Housing and Finance Association

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Boise Foreclosures make it #27 in the Country

According to Realtytrac, the four states with the highest foreclosures are Nevada, Arizona, California, and Florida.  These states account for the top 26 cities for foreclosure rates.  The Boise Metro area makes the list at #27 with one foreclosure notice for every 85 households.  The top city, Las Vegas, has 1 foreclosure notice for every 22 households.

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Boise Foreclosures in February ’09

The number of foreclosures in Boise Idaho continues to rise.  In February, Ada County registered 426 notices of default, up from 342 the preceding month. Canyon County also set record with 294 default notices filed (Data Source: Idaho Data Providers).

The notice of default is the formal start to the foreclosure process.  Under a deed of trust, homes can be auctioned off no sooner than 120 day’s after filing.

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