Boise Idaho Foreclosures | 2011 vs 2010

There were more Boise Idaho foreclosure sales (short sales, bank-owned and HUD properties) in 2011 than 2010.  The areas with the largest increase in foreclosures were West Boise/Garden City with a 34% increase, and the Boise Bench with a 40% increase.  The only areas having fewer foreclosures in 2011 than 2010 were North Boise with -13%, Garden City with -12%, NE Boise with  -9%, and SW Boise/Meridian with -2%.  Boise Idaho foreclosures in the remaining areas–South, SE, West and NW–increased between 20% and 26% in 2011.

Boise Foreclosure Sales by Area | 2011 vs 2010

As can be seen in the graph below, non-foreclosure sales for 2011 increased throughout Boise, with the largest increases being in SW Boise/Meridian and NE Boise.  Whereas these two areas showed slight decreases in Boise Idaho foreclosures in 2011, the number of non-foreclosure sales in 2011 for these two areas increased over 2010 by 79% and 78%, respectively.

Boise Non-Foreclosure Sales by Area | 2011 vs 2010

The Boise Bench, NW and W Boise all showed increases between 20% and 28% over 2010, while South, SE and W Boise/Garden City showed increases between 10% and 14%.  The remaining two areas, Garden City and North Boise, while showing decreases in foreclosure sales in 2011, stayed fairly consistent with 2010 non-foreclosure sales.


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